han sido momentos
moments in life that feel
even by the most negative of forces

moments that can pause our internal clocks
the ones whose chime we so unconsciously follow
the habitual actions,
patterns —
just for these moments

moments that sing to the very deepest of ourselves —
the parts we ignore
and neglect
the parts that – if we are honest – are our truest

slowly in these pauses
pieces of time unravel
authenticity blossoms
and we are able to rediscover
if only
for a moment
the shadowed,
pieces of our souls

the light and the darkness
blend in the complexity that reality does not allow
they reveal themselves fully,
without caution
or haste
at their own speed
and to their own satisfaction

it is in these moments —
moments out of our control
that we challenge the pale shades of day
and find ourselves ignited —
empowered to move forward
to turn the pauses into reality —
to cross the shackles of society
and truly be
uninhibited by the patterns and routines that hold us hostage
our mind unleashed – free too from the laboring rumination that weakens us

allowing us to piece together the moments —
stitching the tattered edges,
closing the gaps until
we transcend the impenetrable forces that compound our senses
until the fading moments transition into day
patternless and
new —
without definition – unfixed
– authentic –
like the deepest pieces brought forward

at last
free to exist fully
without pauses
for more than just a moment now —

inspired by a wonderful weekend with friends in this awesome place below ❤

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