The anxiety that this election is causing me is so immense that it is hard to put into words. I have tried to stay off this topic all throughout the election, but now that we are 2 days out of election day the anxiety is just  too much. Last night I went to a poker game that a friend of mine was hosting and a few people said they weren’t going to be voitng in this election.

There is this mentality that because people aren’t fully for Hillary and hate Trump they can either vote third party or not vote at all. Now the problem with that mentality is that Trump supporters are voting and they are voting big. Trump has opened a platform for all of the bigot, racist, homophobic, and ignorant people of this nation and they are embracing  their  new found supported and welcomed voice in the government. The threat of Trump winning this election is real. I was explaining it like this, if at this party  there are 6 people choosing  not to vote because they don’t think their  vote matters let’s multiply that by all the other many apartments with 1 or 2 people who don’t think their vote matters and are choosing not to vote. When we look at the  number of all the many people who are choosing not to vote and remaining silent in comparison to the many people who have found a voice in Trump’s horrific rhetoric who are making sure to vote it is a frightening statistic.

I am genuinely scared to see what Tuesday brings for our futures. Trump threatens the very existence of so many people’s civil rights. He  stands for hate and would turn our country back in time. I cannot describe the saddness that this brings me and my fiance. we were literally having a conversation about what we would do if Trump  wins which prominently  focused around moving to Canada. I don’t really think people are completely understanding the very real fear that Trump incites for a lot of us who already face prejudice and discrimination on a daily basis. Some may say that I am overexaggerating or being too sensitive, but covert and overt discrimination does take place on a daily basis. When I see someone who could potentially have one of the most powerful positions in this world overtly discriminating  against large portions of our population I can only hope that the  good of this country will not be silent and will rise up, loud and clear, and show that  love trumps hate.

Please, please go out and vote. Every vote really does count.

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