something like a dream

I keep having these dreams. They are dreams of you and I. They are dreams of our future, together. They are wonderful dreams. Dreams filled with happiness; the kind of happiness that does not seem attainable by mere humans. The thoughts dance around my mind endlessly throughout the day. They play across my brain like a movie and give me this feeling deep within. A feeling like the one people talk about, yanno?

I heard you talking about me on the phone yesterday to an old friend of yours. I heard you describe me as the person you want to be with, your complete opposite and yet the person who completes you. It made me smile because I know this to be true and as I sat there writing, as I always do, I realized that they aren’t just dreams, but our reality.

We have created a place where no matter what horrible, frustrating, or terribly sad things happen we have each other. We come home to a person who cares for us, who loves us, and who supports us. This is something of a praise post for my girl. Recently, but as I think about it, always, she has been putting up with a lot of undue attitude that stems from stressful work situations and feelings of overwhelming frustration. Yet, she has stood by my side. She has completely embraced me and tried to help me through it. She has supported my self-care, despite its enforced solitude, and respected my boundaries. I have truly found an amazing partner in this woman.

And I am so wonderfully happy.

Go off…be happy!

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