i looked across the room and you were there
your hair is down –
the way I like it,
small, tight,
powerful curls flow around your face

you look at me
and my eyes widened
i paused –
the room filled with shadows
i could only see you
and you me –

the world disappears around you

and the way the light follows only you –
a glow, thick around your body –
as you make your way to me
is magic

you come slowly
your steps small,
mysterious in their intensity
longing for you
i rise –
my heart pounding
unable to move forward
i stand here
waiting for you

lingering sensations fill my body
your touch,
your breath upon my skin,
your moan

images of last night dance around my brain
chaotic flashes
pieces that leave me wanting –

you’re closer now
and my heart beats quicker
pulling me forward

face to face
your eyes burrow into me
the deepest parts of my soul unravel
and suddenly
the images
that ravage my every thought
and cause me total loss of ability

in that moment
face to face
skin apart,

you had all of me

beyond the physical boundaries of our bodies
you held my heart,
my light,
the essence of my everlasting spirit


at last
there –
in yours
our hearts together
for eternity –
in this new peace
our very own infinity
floating above the constraints of our society
in the true and boundless manifestation of destiny

E. Rodriguez

02. 2016

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