carrying the weight 

i saw me in her

she was telling my story
for the first time i saw someone —
someone strong
someone powerful
someone you would never think…

it’s been 10 —
almost 11 years
and it still seeps in
leaking through forgotten passages
with stained memories
haunting my soul while it rests

when i saw her
i saw me
she described the indescribable for me
she embodied my truth
a story that continues years later
a piece that stays with me
the weight there
still heavy on my heart
invisible to others
and at times hidden
in the shadows and the darkness
waiting to devour me
but you brought it into the light
you spoke truth
taking its power

you shared the weight with me
and that feeling of aloneness
it was banished
and in that moment
i did not have to carry it on my own

Thank you


**Representation, real representation matters so much. Maybe if I would have had a show like this when I was 16 things would have gone differently. If you have not already please check out The Bold Type! It also streams on Hulu <3**

trigger warning for SA survivors of the season finale episode

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  1. Becky Bee says:

    This is beautiful. Like… fantastic. Inspiring. 🙂


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