Swan Queen <3 I wish I had known

So the other night I stopped by a friend of mines house to pick something up and of course we ended up catching up and talking for a few hours and one topic of conversation was…but of course…Swan Queen. So, well, unfortunately she wasn’t even aware that Swan Queen was a thing… never mind the realest part of Once Upon a Time, but I think I just converted her. I showed her a video that is incredible. Please go check out the link and share. Tumblr has been my everything when it comes to Swan Queen and I absolutely adore the fanfiction.

I so wish Swan Queen could be canon. Even my friend who had no point of reference started making the connections after we talked about it. The reality that Swan Queen literally checks off all the boxes of “true love” on the show and when I was talking about this with my friend I realized how incredibly deprived I feel of same-sex relationships on mainstream television. Thank goodness for Netflix, which is a little more inclusive in their shows, but we need more. I mean, fuck, why aren’t there more same-sex couples on mainstream television and why, when they are actually featured, do they only amplify stereotypes?

Swan Queen would be the most epic love story ever presented on a show and I really wish it could be canon. Please make it happen OUAT! Please. I think about all the people in my life, and also at times, to be honest, my childhood, and I wonder about how much of an impact it would have made for me to see a lesbian couple on television. Not just a stereotype, but one made of complex characters that resembled me in some way. I wish I would have had some exposure earlier. I wish I could have known this was an option…I mean really it would have saved me a lot of heartache. I really wish I had known.

Everything would have been different…everything.

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