i want you too

Ella looked up from her desk and admired the figure before her. She became wrapped in the curls of her hair; long dark brown locks that she so effortlessly tossed from one side to the other. It was not what she was saying that was mesmerizing. It was how she moved about the room. How she knelt down to help the confused students, her ample thighs squeezed tightly as she bounded up. Ella looked at her and smiled a smile that could not be held back, one that came straight from the very depth of her.

A sudden question from a student startled Ella as Amelia closed her laptop. Ella snapped back into reality, the dreaming spires locked back down for another day. She loved the days Amelia came to teach. She wished it were every day. Amelia thanked her as they shared some pleasantries about the class. Amelia’s hand grazed over Ella’s as they were talking. The touch was so light, so delicate that it could mean nothing, but to Ella it meant everything. A storm surged within her to pull Amelia in closer. Ella wanted to feel her pressed tightly against her. She wanted to be wrapped in her arms, Amelia’s hair flooding her face.

It was only for a second, but Amelia’s hand lingered on hers long enough to give Ella hope. As she walked out of the class Amelia turned and gave her a knowing glance; their eyes speaking loudly, screaming with desire. The bell rang and class was dismissed. Ella traveled along the empty hallways with a spirit that lifted her up making her feel like a teenager again. She moved gingerly. Her steps deliberate, small at first, then larger. Soon she was there, standing at Amelia’s door, the lights on. Ella raised her hand up to knock on the door. Her heart was racing.

“Hey mama, how are you?” Amelia said as she gestured Ella in.

“Ay, another school day down. You did great today; the kids really love your class.”

“Thank you,” they sat on the couch in Amelia’s office. Amelia leaned back. Her body spread about the couch and her hands covering her face. “I am so tired. I don’t know how you guys teach all day. I did four classes back to back and I am completely pooped.”

Ella smiled at her. Unconsciously her eyes moved down the length of Amelia’s body. “Well you’re not a teacher,” she said frankly, putting her hand on Amelia’s knee. “You’ll get the hang out it!”

Amelia looked over to Ella, glaringly aware of Ella’s hand still placed on her knee. She rose up, placing her hand on Ella’s. “I want you,” she paused, clearing her throat, “I want to say thank you to you for welcoming me into your class. Your support has meant everything.”

Their eyes locked there, all things pausing in that moment, suspended, the air between them thick. All that could be heard, all that was there were their breaths, rapid and heavy. Ella moved toward her reaching her other hand toward Amelia’s face. There, caressing Amelia’s cheek, whispering ever so lightly as she moved in closer, “I want you too.”

❤ (short story, creative writing)

E. Rodriguez

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  1. roxyyyyyyyy says:

    Loved this short story…I WANT MORE !!!


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