happy new year

Well it is the 11th and I am finally able to sit down and write this first post of the new year and actually my first post in a long while. I wish that I had a better excuse than that I was bogged down with work and work and more work, but that is…

SwanQueen is endgame

There are not many things that I know better than SwanQueen. I was not a forever fan – I actually distinctly remember seeing an interview with Lana Parrilla a few years ago in Latina Magazine and not thinking much of it, except for the fact that she was a very beautiful woman and a Latina…

not ever

We can all learn something from one another and no one should ever feel like they have to lessen themselves to make you feel more comfortable. Not ever.

i am a writer

I have always had this craving for words. I sat at my desk today, on the short 30 minute lunch that I am trying to force myself to take each day, and pulled out this book that I keep with me always. It is just a small book with blank pages, nothing fancy. I have…

closing the gap

That is a privilege. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not it is right there – floating in the space between us –